Guest Editor Series Round Up & Call For Submissions

Posted: Monday, October 20, 2014 | | enters a formal reading period this month and will return with new issues in December.

If you'd like your work featured in an upcoming issue, now is a perfect time to submit it. Consult the submission guidelines and send in your art, short fiction, or songs for consideration.

To tide you over until then, I've rounded up past installments you may have missed from Storychord's Guest Editor series. In January 2013, Storychord debuted the series, wherein issue-curation reigns are periodically turned over to Storychord alum. Since then, 19 past contributors have taken on this role, and that full index is below.

ISSUE #60: Kelsey Ford, Jocelyn Spaar, Single Ben
Guest edited by Michael Barron

ISSUE #62: Carianne King, Kelly Shee, Mal Blum
Guest edited by Leda (Heidi Vanderlee and Amy Klein)

ISSUE #64: Katherine J. Lee, Eve Biddle, Astronauts, etc.
Guest edited by Miles Klee

ISSUE #66: Kat Asharya, Niki Boghossian, Weed Hounds
Guest edited by Strawberry Fields Whatever (Elizabeth Barker, Laura Jane Faulds, and Jen May)

ISSUE #69: Jooj Brooks, Zac Thompson, Bdlnds
Guest edited by Steffaloo

ISSUE #71: Edan Lepucki, Regina Mamou, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
Guest edited by Amanda Bullock

ISSUE #74: H.B. Sizemore, Mickie Winters, Jamie Barnes
Guest edited by Leesa Cross-Smith

ISSUE #76: Elisabeth Donnelly, Fabio Sassi, No Other
Guest edited by Tobias Carroll

ISSUE #78: Sean Adams, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Anawan
Guest edited by Will Stratton

ISSUE #79: Mary Cool, R.J. Caputo, Scott Barkan
Guest edited by Erika Swyler

ISSUE #80: Stephanie Gruessner, John Bent, The Motion Detectors
Guest edited by Emily Lyon

ISSUE #82: Sean H. Doyle, Langston Allston, The Beauty Shop
Guest edited by Lindsey Gates-Markel

ISSUE #83: Elise Winn, Susan Connor, a million creatures
Guest edited by Esmé Weijun Wang

ISSUE #84: Madeline McDonnell, Esmé Shapiro, Hannis Brown
Guest edited by Edan Lepucki

ISSUE #86: Lauren Becker, Jayme Cawthern, Luray
Guest edited by Amanda Miska

ISSUE #87: Jenny Hollowell, Thomas Voorhies, V0
Guest edited by Duncan Birmingham

ISSUE #88: Lena Valencia, Giulia Palombino, Mt. Royal
Guest edited by Allegra Frazier

ISSUE #90: Colleen Diamond, Emily-Jane Robinson, Bruce Peninsula

Guest edited by Helena Kvarnström

ISSUE #91: Jacqueline Colette Prosper, Morgane Santos, Mike Williams
Guest edited by Dan Lopez