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Storychord will return with new issues in September. In the meantime, submissions are actively being reviewed -- so right now is a great time to check out the site guidelines and send in your art, short fiction, and songs for consideration!

Autumn will also bring a fresh batch of Guest Editors to the site, as well. This series was a brand new inclusion for 2013. Feel free to revisit these first six installments to tide you over until September's relaunch:

ISSUE #60: Kelsey Ford, Jocelyn Spaar, Single Ben
Guest edited by Michael Barron

ISSUE #62: Carianne King, Kelly Shee, Mal Blum
Guest edited by Leda (Heidi Vanderlee and Amy Klein)

ISSUE #64: Katherine J. Lee, Eve Biddle, Astronauts, etc.
Guest edited by Miles Klee

ISSUE #66: Kat Asharya, Niki Boghossian, Weed Hounds
Guest edited by Strawberry Fields Whatever (Elizabeth Barker, Laura Jane Faulds, and Jen May)

ISSUE #69: Jooj Brooks, Zac Thompson, Bdlnds
Guest edited by Steffaloo

ISSUE #71: Edan Lepucki, Regina Mamou, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
Guest edited by Amanda Bullock